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    Celerix builds hardware accelerated solutions that achieve high throughput with minimal power and nanosecond latency by accelerating key application-specific workloads, we focus on system performance by implementing complex algorithms in FPGA. Our SoC Systems provide built in IP cores and full turn-key solutions
    that map business logic into FPGA products for Accelerated finance and High Frequency Trading (HFT), with complete system on hardware. By fitting complex designs
    on the chip that meet timing, our IP cores and solutions are able to achieve performance levels that are unattainable in software.

    Additionally, by providing standard programming interfaces, our products are easily accessible to traditional software developers who are not otherwise trained to program FPGAs. Our library is developed as a set of modular components that can be integrated together to implement a complete Solution.

Technology needs to adapt to trading requirements, not the reverse


High Performance Products for Global Financial Markets


Redefining Speed

Impetus Trading System-on-Chip is a complete trading solution implemented on FPGA for low latency execution of trading strategies, customizable for any exchange. It meets algorithmic trading system’s goals of requiring both complexity and speed with highest tick-to-trade performance, and arbitrage opportunity discovery within nanoseconds latency. It has a Sub-Microsecond expected Tick-to-Trade latency.

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Accelerated Trade Execution

Market Triggers enables complete hardware execution of trigger conditions provided by Trading Strategy residing on software through a configurable API. The complete ultra low latency system can be customized and implemented within in few weeks with an expected Tick-to-Trade latency of sub-microsecond.

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Make our cutting edge your competitive edge

Celerix’s pre-built Low Latency IP cores built on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic can be customized as per client systems and exchange protocols; With Tick-to-Trade in nano seconds, deterministic, jitter-free processing of messages , built in Parsers to support stock exchange protocols, Software API interface to control FPGA processing , products can be implemented in a shorter time frame to market.

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” To keep up with the markets, you need to keep up with the technology. As global financial markets become increasingly competitive, electronic trading strategies are only as good as their underlying data and infrastructure. “


Trades happen fast and you can’t afford to fall behind. You need technology, built on a strong foundation, in order to best serve the needs of your trading business. But building and maintaining it would be time consuming, complex and costly. So, work with a team that lets you do more, for less.

Celerix consultants have years of hands-on experience providing high performance technology solutions to the global financial markets, covering wide spectrum of the trading continuum and a variety of asset classes.

We offer Performance Engineering Services for any custom performance enhancement requirements, which may include the following:

    • Custom FPGA module development based on client needs and feasibility
    • Custom FPGA system development based on client needs and feasibility
    • Technology Selection for low latency and high throughput systems
    • Porting of the existing systems(like Market data module, Trading Strategies, Computation engines etc.) to FPGA, based on feasibility
    • Integration of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) FPGA solutions for faster time to market

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Celerix’s hardware solutions are built on a scalable design architecture which enables custom FPGA implementations and support for future technology upgrades.
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