Trading Intelligence and Execution on a chip

Impetus is a complete hardware-based System-on-Chip solution, built using FPGA technology, targeting sub-microsecond execution of trading strategies. The control and monitoring of the strategy is done from host using APIs.

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Key Components

Feed Handler

        • Network related processing for communication with Exchange’s Market data gateway.
        • Security based filtering consolidation.
        • Message parsing.

Order Book

        • Builds and maintains full order book.
        • Maintains the security related Trade statistics.
        • Customizable depth order book delivery.

Rule Controller

        • Interface provided to the client for monitoring and controlling the functioning of FPGA execution at run time.

Rule Processor

        • Maintains the information related to the trading strategy as provided by the Rule Controller Manages strategy’s real-time processing.
        • Instructs the RMS for Order placement

Risk Management System [RMS]

        • RMS ensures the risk compliance for the orders placed to the Exchange.

Order Handler

        • TCP related processing for interactive communication with Exchange’s Order Gateway.
        • Ensures throttling.
        • Message processing & parsing operations.

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