Shortest time to market, with Celerix’s pre-built low latency IP cores

Customizable IP Cores

PCIe Driver Core
Our low latency PCI express system drivers rapidly transfer data between FPGA, processors, and memory. PCIe driver core is a plug-and-play module; the hardware interfaces and software APIs are easy to use for software developers building low latency network streaming applications, and are specifically designed for kernel-bypass Linux applications requiring high throughput.

Optimised MD5
Optimised MD5 algorithm on chip, a cryptographic hashing is used in many ways, most commonly it is used to verify data integrity, and store passwords. The MD5 algorithm was developed as a method for generating 128-bit hash values. We analysed that many calculations can be computed and comparing md5 hashes against the pre-image can be executed in parallel.

Feed Handler
Feed Handler manages the communication with Exchange’s Market data gateway. It ensures network processing, security-based filtering in addition to Message parsing and delivery of the desired fields.

Order Handler
Order Handler manages the interactive communication with Exchange’s Order Gateway for order placement and manages their respective order, and trade response updates. It ensures the TCP stack processing required for the communication.

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