Market Triggers

An ultra low latency system with a Tick-to-Trade latency of sub-microsecond.

Market Triggers enables complete hardware execution of trigger conditions provided by Trading Strategy residing on software through a configurable API. The complete ultra low latency system can be customized and implemented within few weeks with an expected Tick-to-Trade latency of sub-microsecond.

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Feed Handler
Our Feed Handler is a Multicast Channel Filter and Packet Loss Detector for the incoming market data stream. It handles UDP network operations, market data packets and delivers payload to the host system. It initiates recovery using TCP-based recovery mechanism for lost packets. It has an inbuilt Security Filter to process only the required tokens, which are configurable by the client.

Trigger Handler
Trigger block maintains the trigger conditions to be applied on fields received from the Feed Handler and corresponding actions of order requests. The conditions and corresponding actions can be changed at the run time using Strategy Interface. . It has an in built Risk compliance checker, Trigger Store and Order Decision Maker which decides if an order is qualified for placement, and forwards to Order Handler for further processing and order placement.

Strategy API
Strategy API maintains trigger conditions based on Security-related Statistics & Order Book updates and corresponding actions of order requests that can be applied at run time. Trigger block is configured dynamically with this software interface

Order Handler
Order Handler interacts with the exchange for order placement and manages their respective order, and trade response updates. It handles TCP network operations through interactive communication with exchange and the client system.

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